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WSTA's mission is to promote and enhance public transit for the citizens 

of the state of Washington.  WSTA advocates for state legislation beneficial to 

public transit, fosters the professional growth and development of transit 

professionals, and provides outreach and education about 

public transportation on behalf of our members. 




About WSTA

The Washington State Transit Association (WSTA) is a nonprofit corporation, representing 30 public transit systems in the state and the Washington State Department of Transportation’s (WSDOT’s) Public Transportation Division. Our associate members include state and local agencies and organizations, vendors, and consultants--those companies which provide services and products to the transit industry--as well as interested individuals.


How WSTA is Governed

WSTA is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of the general managers of each of our transit agency members along with the Director of WSDOT’s Public Transportation Division. Our Board of Directors adopts and establishes policies, legislative priorities, adopts budgets and provides strategic direction and guidance including our mission, vision and goals.  

The Board meets quarterly around the state and the Officers hold as needed monthly Officer calls.   

See list of WSTA's Board of Directors


2016 WSTA Officers:

President:            Tom Hingson, Transportation Services, Director, Everett Transit

Vice President:   Ann Freeman-Manzanares, General Manager, Intercity Transit

Treasurer:           John Clauson, Executive Director, Kitsap Transit

Secretary:            Justin D. Leighton, Executive Director, WSTA


Committee Structure

WSTA now has twelve standing committees that meet one to four times per year. Visit the WSTA Committee page

These committees are comprised of professionals from their respective areas and have proven very valuable to our members.  The committees act as an important training tool, often bringing in outside trainers and experts to address current issues, and also provide opportunities for problem solving, idea-sharing, and networking.  Because of this, they are strongly supported by transit managers and the WSTA Board of Directors.

  • Clerks of the Authority
  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Finance, Human Resources
  • Information Services (IS)
  • Legislative
  • Maintenance
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Operations
  • Roadeo Steering Committee
  • Transit Security Council
  • Vanpool


Additional Member Benefits

WSTA is proud to provide its members access to a number of additional services and benefits as outlined below. 

- WSTA Website includes job announcements, event updates and information about committee materials.

- The WSTA Weekly

- Weekly E-newsletter providing transit news and updates from around the state and nation

- Spring Maintenance Forum

- Most popular event of the year

- Combines transit industry vendors with maintenance managers and employees 

- Public Transportation Conference & Vendor Expo, hosted by WSTA every other year

- Annual Statewide Public Transportation Roadeo 

 - Safety competition for maintenance crews and vehicle operators

- State and Federal Legislative Advocacy 

- Professional development opportunities

- Transit Portal with the "ASK TRANSIT" tool

- Operated with our partners the Washington State Transit Insurance Pool (WSTIP) and the Washington State 

  Transportation Training Coalition (WSTTC).  

- ASK Transit compiles a report with responses from at least 15 transit agencies, typically with a one-week 


- Previous questions and responses are archived on the portal.

- WSTA has a group membership with the Municipal Research and Services Center of Washington (MRSC)

- All associate members have access to MRSC.

- MRSC provides consultations with attorneys and experts in areas such as finance, purchasing and bidding, public works, planning and management.  

- MRSC also provides unlimited access to their research and inquiry services

- The WSTA group membership extends the research and inquiry service to all of WSTA’s transit agency members


WSTA Partnerships

WSTA maintains a membership with: 

- American Public Transportation Association (APTA) and Community Transportation Association Northwest (CTANW). 

            - These memberships allow us to keep our members informed about state and federal issues.  

- Washington State Transit Insurance Pool (WSTIP) (many of their members are also our members), 

- WSDOT and other government agencies and community groups.  WSTA is often asked to participate in studies, work groups and panels to represent public transportation.


WSTA Staff Team & Contacts
2629 12th Court SW
Olympia, WA  98502

Executive Director
Justin D. Leighton


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Financial Specialist
Wendi Hill
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Development & Member 
Services Manager 
Melanie Espinoza

Member Services Coordinator
Jonas Upman