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Committees & Caucuses

WSTA currently has twelve standing committees and one caucus. To view summaries of our current committees' most recent meetings, please click on the committee name.

These committees each meet two to three times per year and utilize the knowledge and talent of their members to discuss current issues specific to their fields. Generally, anyone who works in these fields in a transit system (WSTA members) or with an associate member may attend committee meetings. WSTA committees are one of the many benefits of being a member. Topics always are informative and timely, and participants invariably leave the meetings with new information or resources.

The committees also are an excellent networking resource, offering valuable opportunities to gain insights, find new ideas, problem solve, hone skills, and brainstorm. Persons new to the transit industry who attend our meetings frequently comment how glad they were to have such a resource available, and how much easier their jobs were because they were able to easily contact their counterparts across the state when needed.

WSTA's by-laws allow for the establishment of caucuses. WSTA has established one caucus; Small & Midsize Transit Alliance (SMTA).

WSTA Staff  

Committee Contact

Justin D. Leighton

Melanie Espinoza

Wendi Hill & Melanie Espinoza or
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