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41st Washington State Public Transportation 
Conference & Vendor Expo & Roadeo
Learn - Engage - Inspire

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Agenda & Session Descriptions

Conference Registration 
Quick View:
Sunday, August 6
4:00pm – 6:00pm

Monday, August 7
7:00am – 3:00pm
Tuesday, August 8
7:00am – 3:00pm

Tuesday, August 8
4:30pm Wall of Fame Check-in Open

Wednesday, August 9
Please see WSTA Staff
See Full Agenda for Details on Vendor Expo, Conference Sessions and Roadeo Start and Check-in times 

Public Transportation Conference & Expo

Xfinity Arena and Edward D. Hansen Conference Center

2000 Hewitt Ave, Everett, WA

Washington State Roadeo

Driver Competition – Everett Community College, Parking Lot H & J

Spectators please enter near 858 Waverly Ave, Everett, WA

Maintenance Competition – Everett School District Maintenance Facility

2911 California Street, Everett, WA

Roadeo Banquet for Competitors, Judges, Volunteers, and Registered Supporters

2206 Tower St, Everett, WA

Friday – August 4th

8:00am – 5:00pm

WSTA State Roadeo Steering Committee Course Certification at Roadeo Course Site

Saturday – August 5th


Roadeo Maintenance Teams Report to Competition Site


Roadeo Driver Competitors Report to Roadeo Course Site

9:00am - 3:00pm

WSTIP Training at Roadeo Course Site



Sunday – August 6th

4:00pm – 6:00pm

Conference Attendee Registration:Master Ballroom Level


Roadeo Steering Committee Report to Site


Judges Report to Roadeo Sites


State Roadeo Begins at Roadeo Course Site


State Roadeo Begins at Maintenance Site


Vendor Expo Vehicle Set-Up – Xfinity Arena

Noon - 1:30pm

State Roadeo BBQ – Everett Community College: Walt Price Student Fitness Center 231, Everett Community College

Registered Competitors and their supporters only

Sponsored by the Washington State Department of Transportation

5:00pm – 8:00pm

State Roadeo Awards Banquet – Everett Conference Center:

Edward D. Hansen Conference Center

2000 Hewitt Ave, Everett, WA - Ballroom 1 & 2

Presented by the Washington State Transit Insurance Pool

Sponsored by American Seating

Monday – August 7th

7:00am - 3:00pm

Conference Attendee Registration:Master Ballroom Level


WSTA State Roadeo Steering Committee Debrief: Executive Board Room


Business Breakfast: Sponsored By: GoIn

Open to all Conference Attendees


Business Sessions: This is time before the official start of the Conference for Members to meet in their formal Committees and Boards. All WSTA Meetings are CLOSED to only WSTA Transit Agency Members & Transit Agency Associate Members.


WSTA Board of Directors 3rd Quarter Board Meeting: Ballroom 2

WSTA Vanpool Committee Meeting: Conference Room 2

WSTA Maintenance Committee Meeting: Ballroom 3 - North

WSTA Operations Committee Meeting: Ballroom 3 - South

WSTA IS Committee Meeting: Executive Board Room

CTANW General Membership Meeting: Conference Room 1


WSTA Informal Transit Planners Meet Up: Ballroom 1 – NW Corner


General Session 1 – Kick-Off Lunch with Vendors: Ballroom 1

Sponsored by: Creative Bus Sales


Vendor Expo Show Opens: 12:45pm – 6:30pm – Xfinity Arena Vendor Hall


Break with the Vendors – Xfinity Arena Vendor Hall


Session Breakout Series 1


FTA Transit Asset Management Plan (90 Min): Ballroom 2

Vanpool Recharged: Revitalizing Washington Rideshare with Vanpool: Ballroom 3 - South

Transit & Shared Mobility Today: Ballroom 3 - North


2017 PERC Update & Survey of Transit Settlements: Conference Room 1


Break with the Vendors – Xfinity Arena Vendor Hall


Session Breakout Series 2



Increasing sustainable urbanism through OpenSidewalks: Conference Room 1



Achieving Multimodal Networks on State Facilities through Practical Solutions: Ballroom 3 - North


Transforming Travel Behavior at Joint Base Lewis-McCord:

Ballroom 3 - South


CPT-HSTP and why should I care?:Conference Room 2



Transit & Shared Mobility Tomorrow: Ballroom 2



Happy Hour Reception with Vendors: Xfinity Arena Vendor Hall

Sponsored by: Gillig



WSTA Board Dinner with Conference Sponsors: Xfinity Arena – 3rd Deck

WSTA Board Members and Conference Sponsors Only

Sponsored by: WSTA


Tuesday – August 8th


7:00am - 3:00pm       

Conference Attendee Registration:Master Ballroom Level



General Session 2 – Breakfast with Keynote Speaker Mark Fenton

Ballroom 1                                                                                   Sponsored by: Remix

The Role of Transit in “Healthy” Community Design

Health promoters have realized that simply educating and encouraging people to exercise has been ineffective at stemming rising rates of chronic disease and obesity. But evidence shows that we can design communities where functional physical activity is a more routine part of daily life. This thought provoking presentation will explore recent trends in chronic disease prevention that have health professionals working with an exciting array of new partners including transit, housing, planning, engineering, and economic development professionals. And it will provide real world examples of communities using transportation policy to realize the triple bottom line benefits of economic vibrancy, environmental sustainability, and public health.



Vendor Expo Opens 8:00am – 2:00pm: Xfinity Arena Vendor Hall


Session Breakout Series 3


Building Community Engagement with a Walk: Conference Room 1


Social Media Playbook:  Ballroom 3 - North


Washington Transportation Plan and Public Transportation Plan Update: Ballroom 3 - South


Title VI Requirements & Compliance: Conference Room

Tribes & Transit: How to Work Together:  Ballroom 2



Break with Vendors: Xfinity Arena Vendor Hall

Sponsored by: Busstuff


Session Breakout Series 4


Engaging with your Business Community for Success: Ballroom 3 - North

Taking the Right Route” – Transit Authorities & Records Management: Conference Room 2

What’s New with State/Federal Transit Grants?Conference Room 1

Active Transportation, the First/Last Mile Solutions for Growing Transit in Our Communities: Ballroom 3 - South


General Session 3 – Lunch with Keynote Speaker Jaime Casap: 

Ballroom 1                                                                                                            Sponsored by: BYD

The Impact of Generation Z on Education and Everything Else

They’ve been called “post-millennials” and the “iGeneration.” However, you label them, Generation Z is coming of age.  They are the first truly native digital generation and they have never known a world without constant connectivity to the cloud.  Technology and the cloud are just part of their lives.  This impacts what and how they learn, what they care about, and how they will work in the future.  Are we ready for the cloud generation?


Last Chance to Visit Vendors & Prize Drawings:  Xfinity Arena


Session Breakout Series 5


Fireside Chat – Q&A with Keynote Speaker:  Conference Room 2

Connections Outside the Box by Tacoma’s Downtown on the Go!:  Conference Room 1

Improving Transit Planning with New Sketch Planning Tools:

Ballroom 3 - North


Stop Committing Random Acts of Sustainability: Ballroom 3 - South


WSDOT Regional Mobility Grant Program – Are you eligible for this program? Executive Board Room


Break – Ballroom Foyer


Session Breakout Series 6


WSDOT Grants Program – Share Your Ideas Early!  Conference Room 2

Getting on the Ballot: Lessons in building community support and

securing funding through voter approved measures:  Ballroom 3 - South

Maximizing Transit Access: Ballroom 3 – North

Statewide Procurement Contracts – Transportation: Conference Room 1

Transit Innovations – Double Talls & Swift BRT Tour/Talk:

Meet outside of main entrance at the Everett Transit Bus Zones – Look for signage on which bus to take: (off site, limited seats only – Please sign up during registration) 

Everett Station District – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow:  

Meet outside of main entrance at the Everett Transit Bus Zones – Group will walk to Everett Station (0.5mi walk) (off site, limited seats only – Please sign up during registration)

Employee Maintenance: Investing in Your People Fleet:  

Meet outside of main entrance at the Everett Transit Bus Zones – Look for signage on which bus to take: (off site, limited seats only – Please sign up during registration)


Wall of Fame Banquet Check-in for Banquet Tickets Only:Ballroom Foyer



Pre-Awards Dinner Happy Hour Reception: Ballroom Foyer

Sponsored By: Q’Straint



General Session 4 – Wall of Fame Awards Dinner: Ballroom 1 & 2

Sponsored by: Schetky Northwest


Visit Downtown Everett

Wednesday – August 9th


General Session 5 – Breakfast with Featured Speaker Linda Callecod

Ballroom 1                                                                        Sponsored by: Transit Marketing Group

Keeping Your Motivational Torch Burning  

Many of us find ourselves in motivational slumps that are sometimes hard to work our way out of. It can be difficult to even want to start the tasks we need completed. Yet, on days when you are completely unmotivated there are ways you can self-induce a spark that will reignite your motivational torch and allow you to run your daily race with a focused energy and determination. Linda will share her 6 simple keys that will Keep Your Motivational Torch Burning regardless of the circumstances! 


Training Wednesday - Session Breakout Series 7

Supported by: Washington State Transit Insurance Pool

We have designed this last morning of Conference to offer a practical

training session that provides the tools necessary to go back to your agencies and

implement with your co-workers and employees!


Session Breakout Series 7


Training: De-Escalation Training: Ballroom 2


Training: Planning for Active Killers:Ballroom 3 - North


Training: Shifting the Paradigm of Succession Planning: Ballroom 3 – South


Zero Emission Electric Bus Panel Discussion – the Good, Bad & Difficult: Conference Room 2


Grant Management System Project Update: Conference Room 1




Session Breakout Series 8


Training sessions continued: Same Rooms


What’s happening with the VW Settlement: Conference Room 2


Optimizing the Transportation System - Lessons Learned from Link Light Rail Station Access: Conference Room 1


Conference Ends at 11:45am

Box Lunches for attendees in Ballroom 1

Thank You & Please Have a Safe Trip Home