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WSTA Legal Affairs Roundtable

WSTA's Newest Committee 


Recognizing the need to have a platform for transit-focused collaboration and professional development for transit agencies legal counsel, both in-house or contracted. WSTA has created a new provisional committee to offer this benefit to its members. If after a year the newly formed committee proves to be fruitful the WSTA Board will consider formalizing and making the committee permanent


The Legal Affairs Roundtable will be open to in house legal counsel and outside counsel advising WSTA transit agency members.



The Roundtable will allow collaboration between peers, offer a professional development aspect that ties in transit issues, and eventually work with the Bar Association to offer CLE’s.                                                                   

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WSTA would like to thank:

Dana A. Henderson - Pierce Transit General Counsel 

Laura McAloon - Legal Counsel to Spokane & Pullman Transit

Dana & Laura are the Co-Chairs of LAR and have helped to get this committee established 

and have assisted in the planning and organization of these meetings. 

WSTA Legal Affairs Roundtable:

Next Meeting:  TBD

Last Meeting:
Date: September 8, 2017

Time: 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Meeting Materials:

 For questions please contact WSTA:

Justin Leighton, Executive Director



Want to be a Sponsor - help WSTA?

WSTA would appreciate any other firms willing to become a sponsor to help cover cost of this first meeting.  If so, please contact Justin Leighton.