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 WSTA's Legislative Agenda, WSTA WEEKLY Issues, 

Presentations, and Useful Links


State Advocacy:

WSTA 2017 Legislative Priorities

Leg Outreach Template

Interim Strategies

Leg Outreach PowerPoint

WSTA Priority Bills:

Providing an exemption from certain maximum vehicle length limitations.
HB 1149 - 2017-18 
SB 5147 - 2017-18

Allowing public transportation benefit area authorities to use job order contracts and procedure
SB 5146 - 2017-18
HB 1395 - 2017-18

2017-2019 Transportation Budget Links:

Senate Budget Links:

Link to Senate Budget Authorizing Bill

LINK to Project LEAP List

House Budget Links:

LEAP & Documents

Governors Budget Links:

Link to Governor's Budget Authorizing Bill
Link to Project LEAP List

Governor's Budget Bill 5096/1147


Other Helpful links to see proposed budgets and legislation, and monitor committee schedules:


Washington State RCWs -- the laws of Wash. State

State Legislature Bill Information (bill search)

Federal Advocacy

Letter to Congress - Pass FY 2017 Funding 11.14.2017



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